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G2II Gaming Headset

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  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Dynamic RGB light effects
  • 50mm driver unit
  • Noise-canceling detachable microphone
  • Comfortable wearing

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    G2II Gaming Headset
    G2II Gaming Headset
    G2II Gaming Headset
    G2II Gaming Headset
    G2II Gaming Headset

    Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

    Delivers quality simulated surround sound to help you immerse yourself in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront, etc. With accurate sound positioning, you can make out exactly which direction the sound (gunfire, footsteps) is coming from, gain more advantages in complex gaming situations.

    New Generation 50mm Unit

    50mm composite diaphragm unit, combined with professional e-sports team tuning to optimize gaming styles, and for clear sound and powerful low-frequency performance.

    Noise-canceling and Detachable Microphone

    High-end noise-canceling and detachable 6mm electret condenser microphone with omnidirectional reception, your teammates are still able to hear you even if you use it in louder places.



    • 32Ω


    • 98dB


    • 20Hz-20KHz


    • 50mm dynamic drivers


    Does it work with Xbox 1?

    No, it is not compatible with Xbox devices.

    Does the mic unplug from the headset?

    Yes, the microphone on the headset is detachable, allowing you to remove it when not needed.

    How do you know when mic is on or off?

    You can determine whether the microphone is on or off by checking the in-line controller. When the microphone is activated (on), an indicator light typically illuminates on the controller. This light serves as a visual cue to indicate that the microphone is actively transmitting audio. Conversely, when you switch the microphone off, the indicator light should turn off as well, indicating that the microphone is no longer active.

    Does this gaming headset work with Mac devices?

    Yes, it does. This gaming headset is compatible with Mac devices; but 7.1 surround sound software is not applicable on Mac devices, it is only applicable on Windows 7/8/10 devices.

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